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I ship (almost) all Lego in bubble envelopes, unless the order is parcel-sized. The only exceptions are when your order contains booklet(s), string and/or rubber band(s) only. In that case I will use a plain envelope, and you may see a corresponding saving in shipping costs.

I pack your Lego to fit in as small a space as possible to save you on shipping charges, and place items in appropriately-sized ziplock bags. Except for very small orders, whenever possible items will be stacked but I make sure they are staggered for easy separation. This is all to keep your shipment under 2 cm thick. Parcel orders will usually not be stacked so carefully. All minifigs come in their own ziplock bag, capes are removed (and will be pressed) and have their own ziplock. Baseplates will typically be protected by cardboard as well to prevent bending and subsequent damage in shipping.


Shipping charges include postage, supplies, and handling. A handling charge of 50 cents per 75 g of Lego ordered is included in shipping to allow for the time it takes to pack orders of many pieces. All charges are in US dollars.

Within Canada

Minimum shipping charge is $2.50. Small amounts shipped within Canada (that fit in an envelope and are no more than 16 mm thick) will ship for that price, as long as the entire package is no more than 100 gm.


Items that are more than 20 mm thick (including the envelope) must be shipped as a parcel, even inside Canada. The cost will be at least $10 US, unfortunately. 


To send Lego out of the country Canada Post only allows parcel post, not lettermail. Even an envelope with one piece of Lego is considered a package. Rates start at $7+.


Any Lego sent out of Canada is parcel post according to our postal service, even if it is just one tile. Actual cost of a small package (under 2 cm thick and under 200 grams) sent to Europe would be about $10, depending on the exchange rate.

Delivery and Insurance 

Please note that envelope and international shipments do not include tracking or insurance unless specifically requested. BricksBC cannot be held responsible for uninsured shipments lost in the mail. I package your Lego very carefully, nevertheless envelope mail does not allow me to pack your order so damage cannot occur. Shipping damage is your responsibility. To avoid it parcel shipping is recommended for high value items. Please ask for it if you prefer it.

Customs, Duty and Taxes

You are responsible for all duties and taxes. Actual cost will be provided on the customs forms, please do not ask me to be dishonest and misrepresent the value.

Shipping Methods

Local Pickup in Chilliwack

Ships ToCanada
NoteFor local pickup at my Chilliwack address

Over-sized Letter Mail within Canada

Ships ToCanada
Dimensions Limit (L x W x H)13.78" x 9.84" x 0.63"
NoteFor orders inside Canada under 425 grams (before packaging) where no item is thicker than 1.6 cm.
Weight FromWeight ToPrice
0oz2.64ozUS $2.50
2.64oz5.63ozUS $4.00
5.63oz8.8ozUS $5.50
8.8oz11.79ozUS $6.50
11.79oz14.96ozUS $7.50

US Small Packet

Ships ToUnited States
Total Dimensions Limit33.46"
NoteFor orders to USA under 900 grams
Weight FromWeight ToPrice
0oz2.46ozUS $7.50
2.46oz7.39ozUS $9.50
7.39oz14.08ozUS $12.50
14.08oz1lbs 13.92ozUS $18.00

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Ships ToWorldwide excluding: Isle of Man, South Sudan


Last Updated: 11 Jul 2020