I am happy to see you found my store :-)   Customer satisfaction is my top goal

I do my best to assure that my Lego is clean; if it is dirty, I wash it.

Used Lego is in used condition and may contain scratches. I check each piece for deficiencies, and will reject most pieces that are not in great shape. In order to ship envelope-rate as much as possible (and to maximize space in my store), I stack parts, please note this applies to used as well as new.

Unfortunately, sometimes I don't have an item that you may have ordered. This is more likely to happen if you order every last one of an item I have listed. I apologize if this happens, and will refund you the cost of the item.

I re-use clean packing materials wherever possible.

I am open six days a week, Monday-Saturday. Please note that I am closed every week from Saturday 8 pm to Monday 8 am Pacific Time. 

If I make a mistake with an order, please contact me immediately. I will correct it and make sure you are satisfied.

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